Hello, I’m James Hosker. I usually look this bewildered.

This blog aims to catalogue all my adventures in sound, music, and general audio geekiness. I’m married to the beautiful Jennifer, I live in Bracknell, I’m part of Kerith Community Church, I love worshiping a God who’s crazy about me, and I’m an aspiring sound designer + music producer.

The majority of what goes up here will be stuff that has happened/been generated outside of my working life. I came to the realisation that it would actually be really helpful to wedge a crowbar between what I can justifiably classify as ‘work’, and what I can only really describe as ‘things I did for giggles’, as I’ve found it can be quite dangerous for my work life if I fail to make a distinction between the two. That’s the idea at least – in practice it might well be that there’s some crossover, but it’s my blog so I guess I can do what I want really. So, this will hopefully become a platform for me to express and share all my stumbling and bumbling discoveries and adventures in audio.