Night Time Car Passes

I recently made the hard decision to finally get rid of my trusty old M-Audio MicroTrack. I bought it yonks ago at the end of my first year of uni to replace my then aging mini-disk player/recorder (remember those?! No? Me neither…). I’ve got a lot of good memories of this little device – I […]

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CabGrab Mobile App Promo

A couple of months before Christmas, I was approached by my good friend Adam Kelly to help out with the soundtrack for a quick promo video for a mobile app called CabGrab. The application lets choose your preferred taxis company and, using your phone’s GPS location, will send a taxis right to you, as well […]

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Psalm 46:10 Soundscape

Another couple have months have gone by with a woeful lack of blogging. As my wonderful wife aptly pointed out to me earlier in the week, the less I actually make use of this blog and post things up here, the less I actually get motivated to exercise my God given creative muscles and do […]

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Methods Promo Videos

I’ve recently had another opportunity to collaborate on a project with my good friend Jonathan Smith. Jonathan is an extremely talented designer of all things graphical and moving, and there are many reasons that I love working with him; his passion for quality design, his enthusiasm for a great idea that you can’t help but get swept along by, […]

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